Tech Friendly London Venues

Today I received an email from Mike Butcher asking for my list of tech friendly venues in London. Earlier this year I'd been frantically searching for a venue for Tomorrow's Web that wasn't going to cost the earth and could cover our expansion plans. I took to Facebook, whilst I still had an account, to ask my fellow tech friends in London for their suggestions. I added these, to the venues I already knew about to create the start of, what will hopefully be, an ever-expanding list of venues that are affordable for tech events in London. If you have any suggestions or notes you'd like to add to my list, or perhaps you want to build some kind of database / website with the information, please leave a comment below.

  • Google Campus
  • Old TechHub
  • GH Space Angel
  • GH Space Soho
  • Modern Jago
  • Altitude360
  • The Brewery
  • Club Workspace (3 venues)
  • General Assembly
  • Central Foundation School for Boys
  • Truman Brewery
  • Ravensbourne
  • UCL Business School
  • SkillsMatter
  • Microsoft London (Victoria / Cardinal Place)
  • Waywra Academy
  • MarckoMedia
  • White Bear Yard (Rooftop)