The Roundabout Tapes: Take 2

Just over a year and a half ago I was very lucky to work with Mike Butcher to create a new online video series for TechCrunch called "The Roundabout Tapes". At the time no one was producing high quality video content for the tech scene in Europe, we were the first. Every week we profiled a tech startup based around "Silicon Roundabout", looking a little into what they do, their past successes and plans for the future. The series came to its natural end toward the end of 2011 but I've since noticed that nothing since has filled the gap that it left. Calling the tech startups of London, I want to show the world what you're up to. Next Friday (February 1st) I'll be teaming up with journalist Margot Huysman to shoot a few pilot episodes of a new online video series that we're tentatively calling "The Roundabout Tapes Take 2" (working title). We reckon that we've got enough time to shoot enough content for about 5 episodes, if you think you've "got what it takes" to make an interesting show please drop me an email

Everything is early days at the moment. We haven't got a name, we haven't got a distribution partner, but we're fed up of waiting for Europe's current tech publications to get their act together and start producing high quality video content again. This pilot series is a proof of concept, but we will at least release all episodes that we produce through Tomorrow's Web, if we don't pick up a bigger partner.

Inspiring people to do brilliant things through technology and digital media is my passion, let's get the ball rolling.