A Blank Piece of Paper

A Blank Piece of Paper

A blank piece of paper is one of the most frightening things for any creative. It screams possibility and dreams but provides no structure or grounds to base your next masterpiece on. This weekend I have been handed a blank piece of paper.

For the first time in months, maybe even a year, I have a weekend where I have no plans. I have nothing that requires my immediate attention, nothing that demands my presence, I'm just waiting around and killing time before my hectic week. TinyGrab's been set on auto-pilot, my friends and loved ones are all busying themselves and my current financial restraints stop me from doing anything impulsive or going somewhere. In short I now have to entertain myself for an entire weekend. This is a scary proposition for someone who hasn't really rested or stopped in years. I'm always working on that next big project, but now I have silence. Upon suggestion of my good friend Alex Hill, I'm taking on the task of creating a short film over the weekend; something that I can be proud of and place in my portfolio.

I haven't been creative in the video space for such a long time. The last time I really got my teeth into filming and producing content was when Vueo was still around and even then I felt too much like a corporate shill, I wasn't being creative. This weekend I hope to change all of that and make something that I can truly be proud of.

Staring at this blank piece of paper before me I have no clue what's going to spring from my mind, all I know is this; I have one weekend, no crew, no actors, no budget and a blank piece of paper. Let's see what I can do.

Chris Leydon.