A New View To Online Video

Vueo I guess it's fair to say that I've had my fair share of pet projects. Some I've seen through to the end, some I stick with and some lay in the category of half baked ideas.

Towards the end of April myself and two friends got together and had a friendly discussion. This talk would change all of our plans for the following year, completely. We'd finished our last exam and were talking about what each of us would like to do for the next year. I attend Staffordshire University and after your second year of studies you're given several options as to what to do for your third year. Everyone is given the option to continue straight away with their degree, or they could take a year off to go on a work placement. There is a third option, however. Students are given the opportunity to pitch viable business ideas to a University board. Those who are successful are given a £3,000 grant and an office on the University's Business Village. These scheme is called Speed. After many drinks and endless hours of talking myself and my two friends had decided to apply for the Speed scheme together. We just needed an idea.

Ever since my time working for Mevio, as their intern, I've always been fascinated with the idea of creating my own online video network. I suggested the idea of creating an online video network to my two partners (Hannah and Gemma), who after a few hours seem to love the idea. We're all creative film makers at heart so the dream of owning our own channel, where our own content was published, sounded like a dream come true. We pitched the concept to the Speed panel and we were awarded a place on the scheme.

Vueo is the name of the forthcoming online video entertainment channel, aimed at UK students, which is owned and operated by Vueo Ltd. The idea behind Vueo is to have 5 stable shows. All of these shows shall be internally produced and constantly in production. Vueo aims to be pretty much like a standard television channel, but with a twist. New content shall appear every day of the week and we have a schedule. Every Monday there'll be a new episode of the Travel show, Tuesday the Challenge show, Wednesday the music show etc... However you can decided which order you watch these shows in. You can watch them in the set schedule, or pick and mix your favourite bits. We're also allowing access to the full archive of shows. Once a show has been aired it will always be around and available for viewing / download. Essentially Vueo is the independent UK student equivalent to the BBC's iPlayer. This is the video on demand dream that I've been preaching for the past year and thinking about for even longer.

Due to various non-dsiclosure agreements that's all I can say about Vueo for now. Launching in February 2010, Vueo is set to become a prime place to get your fresh creative video content.

Chris Leydon.