A Tiny Application, A Big Audience to Grab

TinyGrab Artwork

Recently, with the guiding hands of Steven Troughton-Smith and James Padolsey, I've been dipping my toe into the ocean known as Mac OS X app development. I'm a complete and utter newbie to computer programming, but I have a great idea (or at least an improvement on an existing idea) so I'm delving into the unknown territory to see what happens.

Grab Up was a fantastic application for Mac OS X (a promised Windows version has still, after 6 months, failed to arrive) that allowed users to take a screenshot on their computer and have it automatically upload to the web, eventually leaving a URL of the image in the user's clipboard. It's supposed to be simple and easy to use. So why am I writing in the past tense?

Towards the end of 2008, Grab Up was acquired from its original developer. Since the acquisition the service that Grab Up provides has declined significantly. The new owner has switched hosting accounts a total of 3 times since the start of the year, meaning all previous grabs have been lost. The domain expired, was bought buy a squatter and all of this went unnoticed until someone tweeted to the new Grab Up owner. The service is frequently down, goes over their bandwidth allocation and can be more hassle than it's actually worth. The URLs that Grab Up provides are long winded and unnecessary. Grab Up seems to be dying a slow and very painful death.

As I'm sure you're aware, this leaves a fantastic gap in the market for a competitor. Step into the spotlight TinyGrab. Keyone Productions, the company of which I'm a founding partner in, is putting the facilities in place to create a fantastic image uploading and hosting service. For various reasons I can't go into too much detail about the plans for TinyGrab, but keep your eyes on TinyGrab.com and this blog for exciting news soon.

Chris Leydon.