The Evolution of Brydges Place

Brydges Place

The last few weeks that have just gone by were extremely stressful for my workload. In all honesty, the past three months were incredibly stressful for my workload, full stop.

To refresh your memories, for my University course this semester I had to create a 3 - 10 minute film on anything I wanted. My initial ideas developed into Project New York, a project that was put on hold after a relationship breakdown and a financial storm. The film then evolved into what would have been called "The Woman on the Roof", sadly due to the lack if a rooftop this film had to undergo a change too.

"Brydges Place" is the name of the thinnest alleyway in London. It's also the setting and the name for the film that was once called "The Woman on the Roof". Why the name change and no roof? Sadly the company who managed the rooftop that I wished to film on had to cancel on me at the last minute, due to lack of manpower within their organisation. Like most films I've worked on, a bailout plan had to be worked on at the last minute. The bailout plan revolved around shooting in various locations in Westminster with a cut down version of the original "The Woman on the Roof" script.

It's interesting to see how this University film has changed around the current situations in my life. When I was in love with a man in New York, I wanted to create a drama tackling the low key homopobia that can be found in some parts of the city. When I was going through a breakdown and looking for an escape, the film changed into "The Woman on the Roof" a film about someone coming to peace and terms with everything. In some sort of weird way this film is still dedicated to the person who it was intended to be made for, it's just now circumstances have changed and we're all moving on with our lives.

My flash player, for reasons unknown to me, doesn't seem to be working at the moment. Should you wish to see "Brydges Place", please click on the image to be redirected to my online portfolio, CHRISLEYDON.TV, where you can watch it in a nice high quality working flash player.

Chris Leydon.