Project New York

Its been well over a month since I last made a posting here, incase you haven't noticed a lot of my posts talk about how long its been since my previous post. One must really get out of that habit.

I started back at University this week. It's all fairly easy going at the moment, but that's because we're only just learning what our assignments actually are. Having said that, the assignment for Studio Production still remains the same: to create a TV studio programme and broadcast it, this shan’t be until March though.

The assignment that I’m focusing all of my attention on, at the moment, is for Film Technology. This is the last semester in which we truly get complete freedom to make the best films we can. There are several options on how you can be assessed. The first option is to be marked as an individual, doing your own project. The second and third options are group based; you can be marked as a member of a crew, or equally. Personally I have chosen to work alone for this project, at least for the conception stages.

The working title for my film, is “Project New York”. Incase you hadn’t guessed by the title, I really want to shoot my next piece in New York. From the ideas that I’ve had and the initial stages that I’ve taken to achieve them, I really think that this is going to be my best work so far. My masterpiece. I’m not going to give too many details away on the project here yet. Instead, I’m going to create a new production blog, which can be found at I expect the first post will be up sometime today.

There’s a lot more I want to talk about but I feel as though those topics deserve their own blog post. Instead I’m going to wrap this post up and head on over to to set that up. I’m thinking a video/written blog.

Chris Leydon.