You Spin Me Right Round...

Uni work has been hitting me hard pretty recently. It's that time of year again where everyone finally realises that University isn't one big social, as their first deadlines start to loom over the horizon. I, yet again, have fallen into the trap of NOT doing my Uni work as I go along my course; instead I've let it pile up and a deadline is approaching from around the corner. Admittedly it's not as bad as I let it get last year, but I really should have learnt not to do this by now.

My modules, for the first semester of year two, consist of "Film Technology 2", "Visual Media Applications", "Video Editing Technology" and "Studio Production". It's my Visual Media Applications (VMA) work that's starting to creep up on me.

VMA is a module that explores the use of After Effects within film. Throughout the course and over the past weeks, one has supposed to have been creating animations to upload to MySpace; how to do the basics of each animation was covered in the relevant lecture, one then has to put their own artistic flare on the work. I have yet to finish all of my animations. If truth be told, my mind has been preoccupied with other things; such as a social life, Keyone Productions progression and loosing a job.

The first animation that I've had to create for VMA, is one where a bunch of playing cards have to rotate, showing both the face and the back of the card, as well as appearing within 3D space. My take on this animation is displayed above in the video player. This animation has had to be uploaded to "MySpace" so that it can be peer assessed in order to complete my assignment and module.

Chris Leydon.