My Daddy's Internet Solutions is the world's largest reseller of .com domain names; they're one of the most trusted companies on the internet and they've just started a UK branch. Most people who listen to The Podzone know that the show is sponsored by, through a Mevio Producer Campaign, this explains why I'm dedicating an entire post to them. Another reason why deserves its own post is because I truly believe in the product; I personally believe that GoDaddy are by far the best internet solutions company worldwide. I believe this to such an extent that this website and the Keyone Productions network is powered off of GoDaddy's servers.

I would never endorse a product if I didn't believe in it myself. I may have sold out to "the man" a long time ago, but I still have some morals. Personally I use GoDaddy for domain registration and website hosting, however they have a full suite of internet solutions available; anything from Podcast hosting to dedicated email servers.

GoDaddy is making a move on the UK market after taking the US by storm. The differences between over is that prices are now listed in pounds sterling and there is also a dedicated UK helpline number. GoDaddy is truly positioning itself in the UK and is dedicating an entire team to help fit in over here.

As a result of GoDaddy's launch in the UK, as, some exclusive promo codes have been created to give customers a discount at the checkout. These promo codes are exclusive to BTPodShow partnered podcasts, and only 4 shows have been given the special codes; The Podzone is one of these shows. So as either a reader of this blog, or a listener to The Podzone, or even some Googler looking for a fantastic deal on GoDaddy products, here are your exclusive & discount codes.

I trust and use myself. My personal internet solutions are handled by them and so are my business internet solutions. I wouldn't risk either of them, or promote this company, if I didn't believe in GoDaddy and think that it's a worthwhile company.

Take a gander around, have a look at their services, their prices and try to find a better deal out there; I personally can't., the world is your domain.

Chris Leydon.