The Makings of Something Successful

The Podzone StudioPeople have often asked me "what makes a successful podcast?". Why they're asking me I have no idea. It could be to do with the little success that I've had with The Podzone, or even the soon-to-be hit The Glitch; either way it feels my ego and I'm often happy to answer the question. I personally define a successful Podcast by the amount of listeners that it has. The next question, of course,  is how many listeners defines a successful podcast? I can answer that question incredibly easily. It only takes one listener to have a successful show. Not one hundred, not one thousand, just one; one listener who enjoys the show and keeps coming back for more.

A few of you may now think that I'm clinically insane and need to be sectioned under the Mental Health act, but let's think about this. Why do we create content in the first place? Some do it for money, but the majority of us create content to be creative. We like to express ourselves and if other people enjoy it then that's a bonus. This is why it only takes one listener or viewer to have a successful podcast. One person who enjoys your creativity is all we need to feel fantastic about what we do.

That's the secret to making a successful podcast; what makes a good podcast is a completely different question altogether and one that will be answered in a future post.

Chris Leydon.