Interning for the Evil Empire

BTPodShow Offices I love writing posts to my blog, I really do. Especially when I actually get a chance to sit down, lock myself away from the world and get on with it. Over the past few months I've noticed that there are several breeds of blogger; those who blog about topics, those who blog for a living (and attempt to be journalists), and those who write about themselves. I seem to fall into the latter category, but then again what did you expect from a site called

The last month has been very busy and productive for me. As you should be aware Keyone Productions has produced two videos for Bishops' College in the past year; I received confirmation a few weeks ago that we've been commissioned to produce two/three further videos in the new academic year. This is fantastic news for a business as small as ours!

Whilst still on the topic of Keyone Productions, we've been approached by Mevio to continue to produce our video games show The Glitch. This time it would be in association with Mevio as part of their promotions campaign. If this goes ahead it would mean that Keyone Productions has two successful podcasts on the agreement, the other being The Podzone.

Moving onto the subject of Mevio and by UK default, BTPodShow, I'm pleased to announce that I've managed to gain an internship with them until September. I'm currently based in the UK, London, office for 30 hours a week. My roles involve, scouring the network for the best content we have, editing shows, monitoring stats, channel organising, spare hand and general bitch boy, or anything else they throw my way. I'm thoroughly enjoying it and will be rather sad when the time comes for me to leave. I'm proud and very glad that I've had the chance to be part of such a great team.

Chris Leydon.