Night, Night, PodShow... Good Morning MEVIO!

MEVIO logoSo the story that's quite important for me today, as it affects me directly, is the news that PodShow (Podcasting pioneering company extraordinaire) is changing its name. What to? I hear you ask... MEVIO. Yep, they've dropped the "Pod" from their name and the "Show" too, but that's besides the point. There are rumours that MEVIO will be a video network, this has a slight truth to it. From what I can gather MEVIO will be more video orientated in nature but will still support and have audio shows.

This would be the point where I say that myself and The Podzone will still stick by MEVIO no matter what, and I'm sure I will, however I've just realised that my contract with PodShow UK expired 2 weeks ago. That's a bit of a bummer, still here's hoping that it gets renewed, I haven't heard anything to say otherwise.

Chris Leydon.