A Little Update Goes A Long Way

Well that was a fun weekend. I decided to take the weekend off and head back home; 'twas a nice and relaxing weekend, but not very productive. However, before I left for Worcester, I did launch the new Keyone site (v.4.1) I've had some good feedback from it, but make up your mind for yourself... www.keyoneproductions.co.uk While the Keyone Productions site was down during the upgrade, I stuck up a test of the Keyone TV "Mogulus" channel. No idea if any of you have seen this service, but it is definitely worth a look at. Mogulus allows you to essentially create your own online streaming television channel, using content from YouTube or your own content which you upload. All, of course, for free - www.mogulus.com

This morning I received the marks and feedback for the Project Elements drama. In all they were very good; as a group we scored a 2-1 with a few pointers on how we could have improved the film. The plot was a little thin, but other than that it appeared to be alright.

No idea what's wrong at the moment, but my typing and writing skills seem to be lacking today. As a result of this temporary lack of skills I shall bid you adieu.

Chris Leydon.