Typing My Day Away

All I actually seem to be doing today is typing. Don't get me wrong, I love to write and type, but there are some days when all you do is one thing and you just get a little fed up of it. However on the other hand I still love it, after all I wouldn't type otherwise. I have no need to write or type this post, but yet I am.

Most of my day today has revolved around getting the latest Podzone out, which it is by the way - head on over to www.thepodzone.net to download it... Although this morning, whilst recovering from a splitting hangover, I headed down to the Doctors surgery to be informed that I need to get an Ultra-scan to make sure that I don't have testicular cancer.

My goal for the end of this week is to get v.4.1 of the Keyone site live and functioning correctly. v.4.0 of the site seems to have died in development hell, I'm not too sure why, but it seems as though it will never see the light of day; pity really, but to make sure that its memory lives on I'll stick a screen shot of it on this post.

As soon as the Keyone site is up and running I'll modify it to fit the needs of my Internet and HTML assignment; I'm pretty sure that plagiarising work that you've already created is allowed, although I'll get that checked out.

Chris Leydon.