Oh What A Week, Early April Back In 2008...

First week back at Uni and I've hardly paused for breath, it's been one hell of a week. I suppose I ought to talk you through it, event by event.

Last week was the week which myself and the rest of my "Project Elements" group decided to shoot our film. Until 22:00 BST on Sunday  we did not have any actors for our film, not great when you're supposed to be filming the next day. Dan Hayne and my dear friend Dave Tyrrell came to the rescue and agreed to make up the cast for the film.

Monday came and as a group we twoddled on down to Worcester for an evening shoot on top of Fort Royal Hill. Lights were ready to be switched on, cameras were rolling and the sound was recording; however the generator would not power up, I kicked it, threw it and bashed it but to no avail. After a quick phone call to Nick Cooper and Tom Evans (to come and pick up the generator and take it with them) we attempted to film some night shots with the little light that we had naturally available. Very soon we began to realise that we couldn't keep filming with no light, consequently it was decided to call it a day. Ben, Chet and Dan headed back to Stafford, despite my advice not to, and I headed with Nick & Tom to a volunteering event to document it.

It must be explained that the following evening is a bit of a blur to me, however I do remember bothering people with cameras and the end of South Worcestershire Millennium Volunteers. I didn't go to sleep that evening, instead I was panicking about our film and editing footage for another project.

The following day we were supposed to reconvene and begin filming at 4 o'clock in the morning with a working generator. Naturally things did not go to plan, Ben et al missed their train and by the time they arrived in Worcester it was light again so we could not film our evening scenes. The rest of the day was spent filming the rest of the video; I then left to capture the footage to HDD and the rest of the group departed for Stafford once again.

After capturing the footage to Final Cut and reviewing it I once again entered panic mode. Every single shot was either out of frame, out of focus, under exposed or over exposed; so much for being film students... I gave Stafford base a ring and we decided to reshoot all that we could in Stafford on Thursday.

Equipment was hell to get a hold of for the entire week, but with connections we managed to get all that we needed. On Friday we started the editing process and by 23:59 on Friday evening we had a finished film.

Today the film was presented in front of or lecturers and we receive feedback next week, so I shall let you know how it went.

In the meantime, without further ado, I would like to present the result of all of my sweat and turmoil; "Nothing In Return".

Chris Leydon.