The Twelfth Hour, No Help in Sight

I'm back at University and already I'm up to my neck in work. You might remember the film that I'm working on as part of my University project, if you don't then let me remind you. My semester two task is to create two 3 minute films, one is a documentary and the other is a dramatisation based on the information gained in the documentary. The documentary has been filmed and can be seen in my Videos page. Project Elements, the drama, isn't coming on very well, in all honesty. Over the past three/four weeks we were supposed to have a cast, locations, equipment, storyboard and a shooting script all ready and raring to for this weekend; so that we could commence filming on Monday. I, personally, have managed to find most of the actors and get my part of the storyboards done; I've also secured permission to film on location and booked the equipment. What we don't have is a cast, I was informed of this small huge detail last night, at about 5 o'clock. Naturally I'm now in panic mode and trying to find a cast, with very little success.

Incidentally, if you're an actor aged 20 - 30 in the Worcestershire UK area and you're free on Monday and Tuesday to help me out, please drop me an email - address in the Social section. Wage of about £40 per day plus travel expenses.

Urgh! Let's see if I can get something done about all of this!

Chris Leydon.