PodShow is NOT Laying Off Employees

The second of my three posts today is concerning PodShow, more specifically, the rumours circulating about PodShow's current state. I'm not allowed to go into much detail about this, due to contractual reasons and moral obligations, but I shall try to clear the air a bit. It has been reported on Valleywag that PodShow are making radical changes to their company. First of all I'd like to point out that Valleywag is a rumour blog and nothing more, there are no quoted sources and most of it is speculation. Second of all what should it matter IF PodShow is making layoffs, IF it needs to downsize, let it.

Adam Curry, President of PodShow, has contacted PodShow producers today to inform them of exactly what's happening within PodShow. As an independent PodShow producer myself, I too have been informed of these changes; they are not as radical as certain "publications" and fabrications are making them out to be.

This is a typical example of a rumour snowballing. Valleywag has no evidence of these layoffs and there has been no word from PodShow itself. PodShow is still committed to creating fantastic content and supporting its producers. Version 2.5 of its site launched this week and this sees a whole fresh look on PodShow itself. 2008 is set to be a big year for PodShow and I for one support them 100%.

My 12 month agreement with PodShow UK Ltd is up for renewal within the next few weeks, I have no plans not to agree to an extension; and as far as I'm aware, neither do PodShow. My experience with PodShow has been fantastic and I think that we are great partners together. The Podzone isn't a huge internet sensation, but it is indeed great content that many people do want; PodShow and I see this and hopefully we'll continue to produce fantastic content with each other for another 12 months. The money hasn't been that bad either.

Blogs such as Valleywag exist to spread and fuel rumours. This is just PodShow bashing, it must PodShow's time again. After all there's no Apple news in sight to wank over, so it must be a slow "news" day.

Chris Leydon.