Feels Like Home

It feels great to say that I'm back home early from University. All of my Uni work was finished early on this semester, so there really wasn't anything keeping me there, and now I'm back in Worcester. I've still got bits of preparation work to do for the Project Elements Drama film; but I'll get that done during my time off.

Today I got around to adding a video page to my blog, now you can see some of the video projects that I've worked on in full streaming internet flash quality; you just now it'll be good. I'm thinking about adding an audio and imaging tab as well, at some point in time.

For some reason I'm not in the greatest of blogging moods today, I haven't really achieved anything and it just feels as though I'm doing it for the hell of it; which I'm not. Well, I think I'll cut this thing short then and get around to sorting out some Keyone stuff with Nick, that's if I can get a hold of him.

Chris Leydon.