You Know That I'll be Back for Good

Right, that’s it, no more time off for me. New resolution, keep up the blog; after all I have paid for the damn thing, so I may as well use it.

Some work has indeed been done around here, there is a new blog theme, courtesy of - I may be a good designer, but programming a WordPress theme is one thing that I can’t do; not yet anyway.

The main page of CHRISLEYDON.COM is also due for some freshening up soon, but that I shall do myself. In the meantime I am solemnly swearing to keep this blog updated, regularly.

Those of you who had read my previous blog over at may recall that I’d started to post up film reviews after I’d seen a film for the first time. I’ve decided to start this habit up again, as can be seen by the review of “Bridge to Terabithia” below.

My University life is going swimmingly. I’ve now confirmed a place to live next year (which is always helpful), I’ve received my results for my first semester’s work (2-1s all around!) and I’m getting stuck in to all of the work in this busy semester.

You might recall that I mentioned in an earlier post a little film project that I have going for Uni called “Project Elements”. The first half of the project is over and done with and can be viewed somewhere in this post. Our first film is a documentary about the key elements of our modern society, and features interviews with Adrian Newman, Adam Curry and David Kidney. If you want to find out more on the project, or keep up to date with its current status, head on over to

I shall save all of the Keyone related chatter for another post, the same as The Podzone stuff; but I still want to mention one other related project that I have on the go at the moment. This is the time for selfless plugging and advertising, but I have come across the idea of a portal where one can find discount codes for online retailers. If one were to go to, one would find a bunch of promotional codes for online retailers. You don’t need to pay for the codes, that would defeat the object of them really, they’re there for you to abuse. How do I get something back from this? Every single time you use one of the discount codes at, I get a little back from the retailer due to an affiliate programme. It’s worth a checkout as it is helping to pay my way through University, and God knows I need all of the financial help that I can get.

Chris Leydon.