Lots To Say But I Need To Dash...

Oh it really has been a long time since I was last year, in fact it's a new year completely since my last post. I guess that this really shows commitment to posting. So much has taken place in the last two months, so much in fact that I'm now going to take up precious minutes of your life telling you what's been going on.

I'm now in my second semester at Staffs and the work is steadily increasing. I've had to hit "panic mode" several times this week, just so that I can get it all done in time.

You may remember that for my Audio Processing module I had to record a radio play and master it in Cubase. Well I'm very pleased to say that I have indeed finished this task and I've added it to this post for you to download. - UPDATE: WordPress is being a pain in the arse and won't let me upload it, go figure...

The second term of the Film Tech module has proved most interesting. If you would care to think back a few months you might recall a little film I was working on called "A Crash Course In Polite Conversation". That's now over and done with and so it's time to start work on a new project... Project Elements.

Project Elements comprises of two films, a documentary and a drama (based on the research that the documentary uncovers) both based on the key elements of our modern society. Find out more information at www.project-elements.com

There is more that I need to talk about but I need to organise train times for tomorrow and write an essay.

Chris Leydon.