Invasion on European Shores: Expected to Cost £269 Plus a Further £35 Contractual Charge

So the iPhone has invaded European shores, big woop.

Normally, as I'm sure that you're aware, I would jumping through hoops at this announcement, but this time I'm not. I personally think that the iPhone is a wonder of modern technology and is a fantastic product, in fact if I was in the US I would have one by now. But that's the problem, I'm not in the US, I'm in the UK.

The UK iPhone is a huge let down for me, I was determined to buy one back at its birth in January 2007. However I am now not going to touch one with a barge pole. It's not that I can't afford one, because I can, I'm just not sure that it's a substantial investment to be making at the moment.

Apple have a notoriety for announcing fantastic products and releasing them in the US first. Usually by the time that said product comes over here it's due for a revamp, no doubt that this will happen to the iPhone. But that's not my problem either, I can handle having a first generation product, even if it is about to be upgraded.

The issue that I have with the UK iPhone is simply that. It's the UK iPhone. The iPhone that you pay £35 per month, minimum, so that it doesn't work for you in 70% of the country. There I've said it, I'm bashing on O2 for a bit.

I used to be an O2 user many moons ago, and I still would be had I not switched to 3 for various contractual reasons. Although my love for O2 is very deep I do think that they've given themselves a lot of issues over the UK iPhone. The biggest issue is that O2's UK EDGE network coverage is only 30% of the UK, that 30% happens to mainly be over London. So they give you free access to The Cloud WiFi spots, so what, there aren't enough Cloud spots for me to be happy. Yes the handset is capable of GPRS browsing, but that's less speed than Dial Up.

Apple, please do some pay attention. Yes I am willing, and infact I'm having to fight the temptation, to pay £269 for your fantastic product. However I'm not prepared to shell out £35 to O2 a month for something that I can't use in 70% of the country. This really pains me. I want to give you the money, I really do, but you're just not there yet.

Give me a call on my trusty Sony Ericsson in January when you realise your mistake and release a 3G handset.

Chris Leydon.