Another Week, Another Uninteresting Post

Another week has gone by and still all I can manage to do is one post, but still I suppose that it's better than nothing. Last weekend I was kidnapped by my parents and taken back home for a few days, they were only supposed to pop up here with a receipt so that I could change my digibox. Going home was rather fun and it gave me time to think back over al that's happened over the past few weeks that I've actually been at University for. It also gave me the chance to meet up with the fabulous Mr Cooper and record a few more Podzones.

This weeks lectures haven't been that interesting. Film Technology, however, was quite fun. We were allowed to start experimenting with the Cannon XL1s and we were set a task where we had to create three independent shots and frame them correctly.

In Digital Image Production we were introduced to Photoshop and taught the basics. Needless to say that I was one of the few in this class who left early as we had, had a bit of experience in Photoshop. I did stay for the actual lecture and demonstration but when it came to replicating the demonstration I buggered off.

Audio Production, once again, seems to be a waste of time. I wont go into another anti-Audio Production rant but pretty much the same thing happened again as it has done for the past few weeks.

The Keyone Productions website has been down for most of the week as I've been redesigning and reprogramming it. I must say that it is indeed starting to look very good, especially with the new Flash players that I've installed. No longer do we need to rely on Google Video.

I'm extremely pleased about the news of Leopard, otherwise known as Mac OS X 10.5, which is basically Apple's new advanced operating system. It comes out on Friday and I'm hoping to be able to pick one up at the launch party in London's Regents Street. I'll take a few photos of the event and post them up on my blog after I'm finished. I know it's a rather geeky thing to be doing, but who cares?

Chris Leydon.