Setting Kitchens On Fire... The Uni Experience

So it seems that I've broken the promise of updating my blog regularly, but when there's not an awful lot to blog about surely that is a good thing? This week at Uni has been rather interesting. On Monday we had to pitch our Film ideas for Film Tech. I had a fantastic pitch that was so sweet and perfect, however it seemed that it was not good enough because my partner's idea was chosen to be filmed instead. Fear not though as my original film idea will be shot anyway, just at a later date. I don't want to give away too many details yet, but it is called "Like a Rolling Stone". Obviously the title is based on the Bob Dylan song.

Audio Processing was a chore again this week. We were given some sheet music and told to input it into Cubase using the Keyboards, however when one has no musical knowledge whatsoever and help is not being given this is an incredible challenge. In the end I got rather annoyed with this lack of support and false description of the course, so I went up to the lecturer and basically asked him what the hell was going on. In the end everything was sorted out and instead of creating music I'm creating a radio play instead, so all is good there, finally!

This evening was a very strange experience. I was cooking my dinner in the kitchen with the doors and windows open and the extractor fan on when the fire alarm goes off. Our house and the houses on either side of ours were evacuated and made to wait outside in the cold rain for 20 minutes. I've got no idea if the fire alarm going off was my fault or not, there was no note and I haven't recieved a fine yet. I shall tell you either way.

I'm off to the Student Union now for some fun at "Smashed" so I shall be back soon.

Chris Leydon.