Is It All Over My Head?

What a busy few days I've had. The best part of this weekend has been spent attempting to get The Podzone Online back, well, online. As a few of you may know I've recently switched my web hosting to (use promo code "podzone" for 10% off any purchase) after falling out with my previous hoster, so this week I've been putting the pieces back together. The Podzone Online is now back up and once again there is a new Podzone Podcast up and ready for download so I urge you to check that out at either or The Podzone, in general, is still moving along swiftly, this o course is helped by the fact that myself and Nick recorded some shows in bulk last week, so we have a bit of a back catalogue to fall on if things don't go fully to plan.

Lectures this week have been interesting and very challenging in certain areas. Audio Processing is seriously over my head. The lecturers seem to have this idea in their heads that everyone in their class is musically talented and has an advanced knowledge on music technology. This, of course, isn't true and so quite a few of us are struggling in this aspect and are having to do so much outside research it's untrue.

The ideas for Film Technology are still flowing and I'm busy writing up my plans for the 3 minute film, it's all good.

Oh and I'd like to take the oppourtunity to wish my Mother a very Happy Birthday.

Chris Leydon.