The Past Few Days Summarised and Abused in All but a Few Words

My second week of lectures has started and it's set to be a whole load of fun. We spent the morning in Film Tech learning about the art of pitching ideas to studios and production companies, as well as spending a bit of time on our assignments. I spent the Weekend at my parents house back in Worcester, it wasn't quite my Mother's birthday weekend but it was close enough. Eitherway I had a great time seeing them all again and catching up, I have been missing them, but not too much.

This afternoon, after lectures, myself and Mr Hargraves decided that it might be a good idea and get some shopping done (Smoked Salmon, Fresh Pasta, Decent Wine and some Devil gear) and do some location hunting for our Film Tech project. It was an interesting shop and a frustrating hunt, as many of the alleyways just weren't old enough to fit the piece.

Anywho, I've got to dash but I shall explain more on this Film Tech Film at a later date, my quiche is ready.

Chris Leydon.

Photo album of the Staffs Location Hunt