Good Intentions Tend Not To Last

I always seem to start off with good intentions whenever I dust off my old blog or create a new one, however I never quite manage to keep it up, until now (I hope).

A thought occoured to me earlier on in the day, now that I'm at uni, friends and family will be wondering what the hell I'm up to. So instead of talking to each individual person for hours on end each day and reciting the same old story to each person, I can just send people here instead to find out what it is exactly that I am doing.

I'm just finishing off my first "real" week on university, that is the first week with actual lectures in it, and I must say it has somewhat taken it out of me. This of course could be down to the freshers flu that has had me in bed most days, but that's besides the point.

For those of you who aren't aware I'm currently taking a BSc(Hons) in Film Technology Production at Staffordshire University.

The first week of lectures has been incredibly enlightening and interesting, I've recieved information on my first semester assignments and have already started work on them.

Film Technology is my first module, in which we have to create a professional 3 minute short film along with a presntation and various other bits and bobs.

Audio Processing requires us to create some sort of radio show (with a backing track) radio play (with backing track) or a song, as well as the presentation and all of the trimmings.

Digital Image Production is where we mess about with Photoshop and create a print style advert for a company such as Apple or Nike.

Scriptwriting is pretty self explanaory really, 5 minutes worth of screenplay. It's all fun.

So it looks as though I'm to be quite busy over the next few months leading up to Christmas. I shall try and keep this poor olf blog up to date, as well as including some of the films that I'm working on.

Chris Leydon.