About Me

Hello, my name's Chris Leydon and I make really good videos.

I'm a freelancer and startup guy who's worked with some amazing companies, publications and even started a few myself.

A while ago I created a simple screenshot sharing platform called TinyGrab. We had 400,000 users at the time we sold it and it was one of the most loved productivity apps for Mac, Windows and iPhone.

Since then I've organised a series of events, worked with companies on their marketing strategy and now I help them with their promotional and event videos. Live streaming and recording conferences are my speciality, but I quite like making short viral promotionals too!

I use my blog to showcase the work I've created for others and to publish posts about how to best work in the field of video production, with tutorials, tips, tricks and guides.

I'm based in Central London and would love to hear from you about anything you've possibly got coming up that we could work on!

You can find find me around the web on some of my other social profiles: